AccountAbility is a cloud based accounting and job management solution

It is designed for professional service firms within the marketing and communication sector. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising agencies, public relations companies, design consultancies, media agencies and digital agencies.

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In 2007 our CEO Terry McMillan founded AccountAbility because he believed the cloud and ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) would revolutionize the way business software was developed and distributed.

AccountAbility’s core strength resides in its design and technical architecture. This delivers a combination of benefits to marketing service companies of all sizes that our competition simply can’t afford to match.

Enterprise scalability

Globalisation means there is a growing need for an enterprise solution that can consolidate reporting and standardise accounting and job management. Whereas the competitive solutions have been designed around the specific needs of individual markets, AccountAbility has been engineered as an enterprise solution for complex, multi-national organisations. As a scalable enterprise solution for the marketing services sector, AccountAbility is unique in its ability to handle complex multi-national operating structures, with the added functionality of multi-currency and multi-lingual.

Ease of use

The system is both easy to deploy and easy to use, with little requirement in the way of ongoing support. Competitive solutions are known for their frustrating usability. In addition to causing frustration within the Finance department, it also leads to poor timesheet completion rates and inaccurate data entry. Our timesheet app for iPhone/iPad is a real innovation within the category.

Industry Expertise

AccountAbility has established an executive team and distribution partners with extensive industry expertise. The team includes four former agency CFO’s and a former Managing Director. All have executive experience within multi-national agencies. In addition to providing a strong understanding of the target audience, this has helped inform the system design, the distribution solution and provides extensive connections into agencies.

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