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Over 150 years of experience

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Terry McMillan
Founder and CEO

Terry has more than 30 years of experience in the development, implementation and support of Financial Management solutions.
He founded AccountAbility in 2008 with a vision to create a solution that was superior is every respect from the legacy technology solutions available at that time.

Now permanently based in Washington DC, he started AccountAbility in Melbourne Australia. He has created and implemented software solutions for companies in more than 30 countries ranging from small businesses to global multi-nationals.

Terry is a visionary and a problem solver, driven by a desire to lead the sector out of compromise and frustration with existing legacy systems, with a solution that sets businesses apart from its peers, meeting needs now and tomorrow.

Michael Collinson

Michael has over 25 years experience in senior finance, operational and management roles in multi-disciplined marketing and communication companies.

Before joining AccountAbility in 2011, Michael was the National Chief Operating Officer at SapientNitro, responsible for multi-office productivity, operational efficiency and ultimate Group profitability.

Now a Sales & Implementation Director with AccountAbility, he is passionate about helping clients achieve their potential with AccountAbility as their chosen business solution.

David Guthrie

David is a CPA with over 30 years experience in senior finance, operational and management roles in marketing and communication companies, across Australia and New Zealand.

Since joining AccountAbility in 2011 he has been responsible for managing the implementation, training and support for a portfolio of clients in Australia and internationally.

Rene Adam
Director of Operations – North America

Mr. Adam has more than 30 years of proven accounting and technology leadership experience with a broad range of technology companies and advertising agencies.  

He has an MBA from Tulane University in New Orleans and is a CPA.  René has been the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of several tech entities and owned his own advertising agency in Los Angeles. 

Rod Hirst

25+ years of Enterprise Software, Services and Telco experience across the globe see Rod as a vital member of our team. Rod has held senior executive management, Board and Advisory board roles working with some of the biggest global ICT vendors alternated with some very successful startup businesses.
Rod expertise is directly relevant to our market as we focus on providing an enterprise solution for the Marcom industry.

He is very focused on making the complex simple and the simple compelling and then driving the execution of that plan.

Chris Lever

Chris is an Australian CPA. He founded London-based Agency DNA in 2008, positioned as a source of new, smart systems and services for advertising agencies. Prior to this he was CFO of two successful independent London agencies, The Engine Group and BLM, a media agency now owned by the Havas network. Chris’ passion for technology to improve the way agencies function was a key driver in partnering with AccountAbility, and it is the easiest system on the market to implement and for agency staff to use. Our successes include Tangent Snowball, a digital agency of almost 100 people who were fully live within 3-weeks

Sean Hanneberry

A pioneer in the digital space, Sean has been helping companies navigate digital change since 1997. He has held senior strategic and executive management roles in Australia, Asia and the UK.  Sean’s expertise is in translating the complexities of digital change into meaningful business direction.
Sean’s areas of specialty include:
Digital transformation and change management
Digital marketing strategy
Training and process development
Social and content strategy
Value proposition development

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